Doozer McDooze – Not Going Back To That

From R2 Magazine September 2016

Thrumming his guitar with a rhythmic energy that demonstrates little concern for the guitar’s safety Paul Short – AKA Doozer McDooze – is the bastard love-child of Rory McLeod, Billy Bragg and Lonnie Donegan. There is an irrepressible energy on Not Going Back To That: direct, open and in your face. Doozer wears his heart on his sleeve, places his tongue in his cheek and opens his emotions to the listener.

Doozer’s Essex origins mean comparisons with Bragg are inevitable and he sounds like early Bragg on ‘Searching’ as he searches for a life where ‘I don’t have to be bored anymore.’ There is a political edge to songs like ‘Consumers’, but for much of the album is really personal, often with a penchant for lengthy song titles, for instance ‘To Everyone I Upset And Really Didn’t Mean To’ reveals the fragility at the heart of his world view due to his ‘skin made of tissue paper’; matched with a desire to ‘try to live my life the best I can’ as in ‘Let’s Not Forget’.

It is this matching of the personal and political which makes Rory McLeod a touchstone; and a total commitment to the music, as in the title track and the final three songs which outline his personal manifesto that ‘It’s Nice Down Here’,

Peter Tomkins

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